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The Full Story is a digital platform for creative thinking that enables a person to enhance/express and discover themselves with the mind, body, and soul.  Through this emotionally driven creative therapy, we hope to build human connections a.k.a. Rishta via stimulating musings, the arts, wellness, and social initiatives. Come discover your own fragrance of life, create your own menu - Experience a culturally diverse world through a creative journey that includes travel, cuisine, fashion and much more. 

Founded by actor Rituparna Sengupta and Uma Parameswar an arts management professional, the mission for this digital platform was driven by the aim to significantly contribute to the creative development of a person, enable an artistic process that enables one to, “Embark on your own creative journey”  


Founder Rituparna Sengupta says, “I strongly believe in the word - for it combines various aspects of love, compassion and humanity sometimes missing in this world” As a creative platform, co-founder Uma Parameswar further elucidates on this bond by suggesting that “Humans are essentially social animals interdependent upon each other for a plethora of reasons. We are wired to each other, we dependent on a bond that attempts to further bring about a wholesome being which is nourishing, caring and so much more” is a culmination of Rituparna Sengupta’s passions, hobbies while simultaneously delivering opportunities for thought provoking issues dear to her heart. It is hoped that the reader has as much fun reading and contributing to this digital platform as we have had in creating it. 

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