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Beginning of RISHTA

Updated: May 1, 2023

Rishta – The word RISHTA represents

(R) for Relationships

(I) for Identity

(S) for Support

(H) for Happiness

(T) for Trust

(A) for Acceptance and Admiration

To me, the word RISHTA connotes a world of thoughts where we ebb and flow from our best to worst and worst to best as life presents itself in a plethora of experiences and human communications. I choose to see Rishta as our best tool of communication.

This platform is the subject of humanity, love and affection. We search for our grounds here to be happy, overcoming pain which comes along with us every moment...Pain is something which is so real and it reminds us of our existence...It extracts life in its own mode and it tries to take a part actively to rebuild us ...and from there comes a Rishta ! The eternal bond and blessings of being a true human being as an age old precision .... understanding involving insights of humanity to the core! As the heart comes to play, we realise life is too short ..while we might exist one day, the next we are no more. We need to be happy and have to love life to its fullest ...the categories of happiness are many ..the situations are plenty. We need to identify and indemnify the little things which makes us feel small unholy, disrespectful or complicated, sad and that is where our onerista lies and that rista collaborates to make you embark on a journey to discover your disconnects then connect and find an identity to seek life at your best and explore life explicitly at your own pace. Firmly holding on to your convictions but letting your fist open slowly to touch nature take it in your system cleanse speak and accept through musings, music dance food paintings conversations poetry reading and smiling to destress your life in the enigma of beauty and forget a distressed you, forget the distressed journey...begin life at your own place at your own pace, imagine your real self, see yourself in your mirror of ecstasy and exuberance, evaluate relationships remain alive in your dreams and make a difference ...allow others to create their space too in this world of art music and so much more ...bring others in this valley of solace and cling with each other . in the .depths of divine in realisations of faith and trust ...let Rishta be our LSG...let us save each other from drudgery angst and frustrations.....we are here to live ....start @ this moment!! The best is now or never!!

Yours warmly,

Rituparna Sengupta

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