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May you have a good Kokoro today

The Japanese concept of Kokoro does not lend itself to an easy explanation. It

means the mysterious and indivisible unity of the heart, mind, and spirit. When our

Kokoro is good, our emotions, thoughts, and feelings are positive, stable, and in


In the storm and stress of life, fortunately, we rarely are overcome by pure but

intense emotions like ecstasy, grief, rage, and terror. However, we often experience

a mix of conflicting feelings at the same time, such as joy and sadness; anger and

fear; or anticipation and surprise. We also struggle with complex emotions like guilt

and shame, envy and pride. Naturally, the mind would tend to lose some of its

clarity, the heart its understanding, and the spirit its strength. This is one reason

why our body, mind, and spirit are seldom all wholesome, balanced, and connected

together. Yet at that very moment of accord and equipoise, however fleeting, can

we capture serenity, calmness, and contentment in the same heartbeat?

May you have a good Kokoro today.

©Anuradha Chatterjee, the author would like to thank Madhumita Chatterjee

(photography), Debapriya Ghosh, Sayanto Moina, Subhajit Das (models), Monalisa

Halder (makeup) and Arghya Chatterjee for their contribution.

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