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Music Therapy

Updated: May 25, 2022

By Catherine Grace Gardner Professional Actress/Singapore

The benefits of Music therapy are wide-ranging. Whether you’re playing an instrument, singing along to a tune you love, or dancing to the rhythm of an upbeat number, music has a unique way of improving your mood, helping to connect us as a community and also may aid in healing from emotional trauma.

Music allows us to express ourselves creatively, and provides us a rhythmic structure for systematic relief from body tension. Music is limitless. One of the best remedies for stress is music. This form of therapy is often linked to moods and different songs evoke a variety of emotions ranging from happy, calm, energetic or relaxed. Audio therapy is an exciting opportunity and should be considered as an important strategy to minimise both emotional and physical pain. Each and every individual have their own interpretation of music, and the beautiful gift in this is that is not one of us is wrong. Music helps us to be in touch with our feelings and is an amazing way to celebrate life. Music therapy provides us with a beautiful trifecta of realising the power of your thoughts in your mind, connecting those incredible feelings to your physical body which in turn provides nutrition and healthy food for your soul.

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