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Social Initiatives

Having worked as a lead volunteer for the last few years, it is my opinion that social initiatives are often overlooked by us. Most of us are caught up in the rat race of life that we forget a vital part of our society, nurturing those that need us emotionally, socially and more often than not financially. I have witnessed the gap between the upper strata and lower strata widen even more, with very little opportunities provided for them to better themselves - educate them to become better humans, and perhaps make well informed decisions vital for the next generation. As a volunteer, I am grateful to the precious opportunities presented to me where I support a cause that is integral to our society - that of providing emotional, and social help for young unwed mothers who sadly are rarely encouraged to better their lives by society. We often forget that it is these unwed mothers who provide the next generation a backbone for betterment towards a healthier society.

Often, I spend time nurturing these unwed mothers with very young babies in hand by providing them guidance, mentoring and emotional support through this traumatic experience with no familial support to equip them with confidence to make an educated decision for themselves or their child.

Projects like Mind, Body and Soul are internal in connecting the right balance with each - inner self, your thoughts, and your positive wellbeing through combination of dance, art, music, intimate sharing sessions. My various volunteering work over the years has made me wonder that its paramount to heal the Mind, Body and Soul, so that the vulnerable and under privileged can empower themselves and lead a life with self-confidence.

Through Mind, Body and Soul I am confident that it will assist in bringing positivity in lives of broader society that requires emotional support, a listening ear, mentoring, guidance and counselling.

To summarise my volunteer occupation, I feel that during the COVID pandemic, it was a privilege to dedicate my time for religious institutions and migrant workers by organising meals for them from soup kitchens and much more.

I believe this holistic approach of Mind, Body and Soul healing through various tools could also help the migrant workers, underprivilege sections of the society and wider society at large. This is even more important especially in last 18 months when everyone is facing stress due to repeated lockdowns, work from home situations: families sharing space for work and school, lack of work -life balance, families and extended family members getting impacted by Covid.

Mental health that is kind of Mind and Soul healing has become even more important in current situation and its timely for launch of “Mind, Body and Soul” healing.

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