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By Shruti

As the founder of a Glow Natureal, the motto is, “Say NO to chemicals and make these clean skin care formulations a part of your daily life”. In this bustling world, one doesn’t have the luxury to be with nature all the time. Hence its range of natural products helps to bridge the gap between nature and the self, thereby recreating the aura of serenity.

Glow Natureal is an recently launched skincare brand focused on natural, sustainable and chemical free products. With an emphasis on organic, ingredients, the products are conscientiously hand crafted to impart the love and energy of these times tested recipes to your body, mind and soul.


Introducing Mind Body Soul - a project that links the mind, body and soul to unite all three aspects of the body. Often in the hustle bustle of day to day existence, we witness a basic shift in proper mental guidance and mental care. Mental, and bodily health is very often linked to a series of ailments most of them that stem from happiness quotient,(or lack off) the ability for the mind to allow the body to move fluidly and without any strong reservations. AT the base of both mind and body is inevitably the soul, “the glue that binds the body to the mind” The Soul binds the arts and creation which touches and soothes the mind. Join ( on a journey of the mind, body and soul.

Amongst other initiatives within the Mind Body and Soul project are Social Initiatives, Mind, Art, Dance and Music Therapy each of which aid in enhancing the happiness quotient to its potential for each human being.

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