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When Wellness Meets Peace

When we see the first ray of the sun of this universe, we are all equal. We see the same sun, the same moon and breathe the same air. But yes, the quality of air varies based on where you are born, in what circumstances you breathe the first air. We all face the reality of life. We look for a shelter. Shelter of love, compassion, equality, peace, happiness, and of course a real shelter. Some find a shelter under a bridge; some find under a mud house, and some find under real brick ceiling. I am honored to strategize a mind-blowing concept that my dear friend Rituparna Sengupta has kicked off. “Onerishta”.

Onerishta to me is a platform for becoming the most vulnerable person on earth. Vulnerability has led to success at the end. It has brought the best in one’s life. When Uma and Ritu had their first session with me, I already knew this would be a game changer platform as I am big on ecosystem build. Ecosystem of people’s strengths, weaknesses, fears, risks, courage, faith, all coming together. Onerishta to me is a movement - It’s a cult of peeling your own life’s recipe to peace!! Between our minds, bodies, and soul, there is one common connection that is instinct. When we weigh our quotient of happiness (for example) on the beam balance of life, we compare. We compare ourselves with others. Are we right there to compare? Comparison is a thief to happiness.

I am here with Ritu and Uma to change as I have been a change agent and I am super excited to work with them both to create a world of zero distance between every human being, their vulnerabilities and finding their niche. Each one of us has value here on earth. We need to understand what that is, what is our purpose and how we add a bit to the overall “Onerishta”.

I was in a remote place in Bihar and a child asked me, “Andy, what (do) you see up there?” I said, “Blue sky” (that day was a clear day out there). She said, “Andy, I see infinity. Can you give me a boundary, a scale, a measure to even come close 1% to the infinity?” My eyes got wet. I can see her face in haze, and I see color. I see the color of life. A color of sky, a color of a mountain, and a color of a river. We walked together beside a river. As the water flows beside us, she told me that one night she went there to dive into the river not to see the universe anymore. I asked her “Why”. She said she saw ruins. I asked her again, “Why you did not kill yourself?” She responded to me, “Hope”. Her name is Satyajyoti. She is a leader in a CSR organization based out of the US. Yes, she made it.

Hope floats. Onerishta brings hope! With the umbrella of leadership from Ritu and Uma, I am committed to “zero distance” between the ruins and the hope; just like Satyajyoti’s story. Many more to come.

With love,

Andy B

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